For Playground festival, a meeting point for performing arts and visual arts, Charlotte Bouckaert creates THING, a museum installation in motion, a choreography of objects and a body, carried by a large table, as an arena of imagination. For a moment they are there, then they slip over the edge and disappear into nothingness.

On 18 and 19 November 2023, the museum installation THING, about still life in painting art, premiered at Playground in Leuven (B).


A still life painting is not about lifeless objects or about the absolute stillness of a world without human meaning.

Charlotte Bouckaert now turns her gaze onto daily life in YOU ARE AN OBJECT TO ME. Her question: how can we challenge the ideas of stillness and immobility that surround objects? Because, in the painter’s workshop the objects might be motionless, but in his painting they move.

On 22 and 23 March 2024, the theatre performance YOU ARE AN OBJECT TO ME, about still life in painting art, will premiere at KVS in Brussels (B).


About ten seconds, that’s all the time an average museum visitor has for a work of art. In 11 SECONDS, Charlotte Bouckaert joins her audience to look at one single picture for the entire duration of the performance: a photo of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

charlotte bouckaert | visual artist

Over the past 20 years, Charlotte Bouckaert has been developing a language at the interface between visual art and live performance.

With her multidisciplinary work (performances, paintings, video, …) she wants to question and activate the act of looking: the time of looking, the unexpected and the imagination. The greatest enemy of looking is that we think we already know in advance what we are looking at.